medicos cardiologos telemedicina tecnología
At COPCAR, medicine and technology go hand-in-hand in an ongoing search for improvements and developments in the different processes involved in their operation. The design of systems in order to improve people’s life is our passion and, for that purpose, we invest in ongoing research and development.

More than 15 years of experience in tele-medicine and more than 25-year-experience in clinic electrocardiography assure a competent, specialized and capable of innovation research and development methodology. In this regard, our objective is to offer a quality, effective and up-to-date system.

Accordingly, our cardiovascular problem detection processes are based on research in the field of clinical electrocardiography, carried out by our specialist cardiologist team who provide their wide experience for the definition of optimal online diagnosis algorithms.


Copcar inteligencia artificial e invesigacion

COPCAR wants to go beyond the above mentioned. It is our objective to establish value-added elements by providing Artificial Intelligence which allows the possibility of preventive medicine and create a data base of an accessible knowledge from any point. This assists early diagnosis on the basis of algorithms supplemented by exogenous patterns and the ongoing autonomous learning of the system.

In a technologically advanced and constantly growing world, it is fundamental to establish a dynamic and nonconformist work methodology.